What is Linux_- A Linux OS Introduction

Linux is an operating system (OS), like Windows. Think of there being two general types of software: operating system software and "other" software. The "other" software consists of several types of software programs, including: application software programs (like word processors, spreadsheets and email programs), utility software programs and server programs. All of the "other" software runs "on top of" an operating system, such as Windows or Linux. You boot a computer system with operating system software so you can run application software programs, like a word processor, spreadsheet, email, and browser. Windows and Linux Operating System (OS) Functionality When you boot a computer with an OS, like the Windows OS or Linux OS, the OS allows you to do tasks like: run application software programs, like a word processor, spreadsheet or email program save data files to your hard disk, like a letter, memo or report retrieve data files so you can edit them send data files to print Windows Software Programs and Linux Software Programs In Windows, you can run lots of different application software programs. There are custom software programs and off-the-shelf (common) software programs. These programs allow you to do everything from running your bowling league to typing up a letter. The same is true for Linux. There are thousands of custom and common Linux software programs. Linux Tips: You can download several Linux distributions (versions), including thousands of Linux software programs and get Linux free! Then you can run Linux to get Linux training. As part of your Linux training, you can watch Linux video tutorials - to get easy Linux training and learn Linux! The Windows Office Suite and the Linux OpenOffice Suite Windows has a popular and common collection of programs named the Office suite. The Office suite consists of several programs, such as a word processing program called Word, a spreadsheet program named Excel and a presentation program named PowerPoint. Linux also has a popular and common suite of programs called OpenOffice. The word processor is named Write, the spreadsheet is named Calc and the presentation program is named Impress. Linux Tips: You can download the free Linux OpenOffice suite of programs and run this suite of programs in Windows! Using Windows Desktop Systems and Linux Desktop Systems On a Windows computer system, you boot to a Windows desktop. From the desktop, you use menus to select and run software programs and there are icons you can double-click on to run programs. The desktop allows you to run programs and organize your work. The same is true of Linux. You can also boot a computer system to a Linux desktop and use menus and icons to run Linux software programs, and organize your work. Linux Tips: There are several Linux desktops to choose from, such as the GNOME and KDE desktops. Each Linux desktop has the same functionality (menus, icons and organization), but has a different "look and feel". Linux video tutorials are an excellent way to continue your Linux training. Just watch a Linux video to see a popular Linux concept or command being described - and then do the steps you've just seen - to work with Linux yourself!