Apple is seeking to ban the activation status of the fingerprint reader

Apple is seeking to ban the activation status of the fingerprint reader

Apple applied for a patent application to the US patent for the registration of new patent office, belonging to the fingerprint reader (Touch IDC) used in the iPhone and iPad devices, allows activating the "risk status" (Panik Maud).

The company said in the application submitted to the fingerprint reader stores up to five different fingerprints, but the same job, when you touch the fingerprint reader in one of the recorded fingerprints are decoded lock the device immediately. She added that the fingerprint reader can be allowed to complete a lot of tasks that go beyond just decoding the lock screen or download an application from the App Store.
And aspiring Apple through the development of risk to protect user data when you touch the fingerprint reader finger specified for this purpose, where the decoding device is locked, but the user data such as pictures remain locked.
The company said it and activate the hazard situation shows the device without any data, and applications appear without any personal data as well, and thus preserves the privacy of the user without any problems.
I explained some of the uses of the patent risk situation, where it is possible to capture a group of pictures or a video clip or even record an audio clip and submit it on the Internet and to notify the authorities concerned such evidence to protect the user at risk situations.
You can also send an alert to be close to the user of the devices being about the threat of intervention, and the protection of the owner of the device or alert the competent authorities.
It is noteworthy that Apple acquired in September / September of this year, the official registration of the new patent entitled "wireless networks with the possibility of fire detection," according to the publication of property rights and patents the US Patent Office.
The barrage of more technology companies in the world receipt of a patent, where advancing annually the registration request of dozens of patents, but this does not mean that everything ever recorded by Apple or get it is converted to a product on the ground, many of the patents obtained by the still yet ink on paper, has the goal of this process is pre-emptive action to protect the future of the company's technology theft.

Source: Portal Arab Technology News

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