Run Linux Software Programs and Linux Commands 2

The Linux OS (operating system) is very commonly used as a "platform" (or foundation) on which to run some type of Linux server, such as a web server or file server. And so some people don't realize that Linux can be installed and used with a desktop! You can run Linux with or without a desktop. And when it's going to be used as some type of Linux server, it's often installed and run without a desktop - as one is not needed on a Linux server. As a new Linux user getting Linux training, be sure to run Linux with a desktop. Having a Linux desktop makes it easier to run Linux software programs and run Linux commands. 3 Ways to Get a Linux Desktop - So You Can Easily Run Linux Software and Run Linux Commands 1. Using a Linux Live CD / DVD If you decide to get Linux as a "live" CD / DVD version (which is a fast and fun way to get Linux running), be sure to get a live CD / DVD version that boots to a Linux desktop. 2. Running Linux in Windows as a Virtual Machine If you download a free Linux virtual machine to run Linux in Windows, be sure to download a version that includes a Linux desktop, as some Linux virtual machines don't include a desktop - and installing a Linux desktop afterwards can be a real hassle and very time-consuming. Linux Tips: Check the web site where you get the Linux virtual machine to see if the version you are about to download includes a Linux desktop. 3. Installing Linux onto a Computer System from CD or DVD When you install a Linux distribution (version) on a computer system, some automatically install one or more Linux desktops and other's don't. Again, be sure to select one or more Linux desktops during the installation process. Linux Tips: Two of the most common Linux desktops are the GNOME desktop and KDE desktop - and sometimes you can install both of them (or others). If you can install more than one desktop, be sure to do so. When you go to log in to Linux after the installation, you can select the desktop you want to use. This will allow you to try out different desktops and see which one(s) you like best! Once you get Linux and can boot to a Linux desktop, you can use Linux video tutorials to get easy Linux training and learn how to use Linux step-by-step!