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Gamers get all the news on gaming industry via gaming forum. All the reviews, previews as well as events are updated on these forums. The events that are updated are with all the details and possible ways to enter the tournament. These tournaments are One on One, Two on Two and Team Battle basis. The game varies from PlayStation, Xbox and Computer. PlayStation and Xbox is mostly for One on One and Two on Two battle and Computer games are for Team battle. Three platform games are played in these tournaments. They are First Person Shooting (FPS), Strategy and beat them up. The most common games for the tournaments are Counter Strike, Call of Duty for FPS then World of Warcraft and Age of Empires for Strategy and Tekken, Marvel versus Capcom for beat them up games. All the names of the games are informed well in advance to the gamers via gaming forums. Gamers also use gaming forum to know the latest news of gaming world like who is on the top of the charts, what’s new in Sony PlayStation, Xbox etc. They keep on increasing their gaming knowledge to keep themselves updated in the field of their interest. They check all the latest reviews and previews of new releases and then make their future plans. They write blogs and post threads to share all their knowledge with others. Gaming forums have also started concentrating on media industry. These forums allows users to know all the updates related to movies, music etc. So even the movie fans have started using these forums. Forums also allow them to listen to latest music and watch latest movie trailers and music videos. Users also have an option to upload their own video via youtube and dailymotion. Gaming forum have the best place for game lovers as it provides everything that is related to gaming and media industry.