Apple may launch iPhone 6C in February

Apple may launch iPhone 6C in February

Over the past period was some rumors about the production of Apple's new phone iPhone 4 small metal screen inch, to be considered within the medium category that does not exist by between Apple devices only in the iPhone 5C mobile phone.

iPhone 6C Metal Design

The rumors you expect to be the next phone as the iPhone 6C and the design of the metal this time instead of design plastic used on the previous generation to be leaving in the next February, and adopted the rumors on sources within the Chinese Foxconn company which manufactures some of the iPhone components, says this Sources that their company has been working on a device called iPhone 6C.

Why Apple Like This Phone

From a personal point of view I do not see any need for the production of Apple like this phone for some reasons, the most important of it will come out very small screen in 2016 standards, which tried Apple rid of it in the new generations of smart phones, and the rumors alleging that the iPhone 6C will not come with the reader Touch ID fingerprint or even 3D Touch Technology, in other words, Apple will give up about two features the most prominent currently have!

Apple's work on the phone iPhone 6C with abandon Technology

I do not know the point of view Apple's work on the phone iPhone 6C with abandon this important technology, you may want to customize it to emerging markets, such as, for example, the Chinese market which is dominated by Xiaomi and Huawei through a series of low cell cost, but the problem is that the iPhone 5C was not cheap standards user, I do not think that will be the iPhone 6C so, you Ststraeh that came up with the screen?

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