«Google» launches donation campaign to help refugees

«Google» launches donation campaign to help refugees

The company «Google» announced a donation to collect $ 11 million to support the humanitarian organizations that help thousands of immigrants who fled to European countries from their countries to escape war-torn or poverty campaign.

Unusually, «Google» has taken a personal approach to the announcement of the donation on her blog campaign, since instead of to announce a director for the campaign, Rita Massoud spoke of an employee at the «Google» about her personal experience, as it ran away from the Afghan capital Kabul with her family when she was a child in seven years old.

Wrote Rita, saying: «included a trip to ride trains and buses, and the feeling of hunger and thirst, cold and fear», adding: «I was lucky, but with the escalation of refugees and migrants in Europe crisis, a lot of people like my family most in need of help».

The donations will go to four non-profit organizations that provide assistance to refugees and migrants, an organization «Doctors without Borders», and «the International Rescue Committee», and «Save the Children», and «the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees».

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