Apple cleansed shop (I.O.S) applications after the first massive attack

Apple cleansed shop applications after the first massive attack, which is called I.O.S

Apple said it cleanses applications) shop (to remove malicious programs harm the iPhone and iPad devices were discovered in the first large-scale attack on the famous driver.

The company announced on Sunday after all these efforts electronic discovery of a malicious program on behalf of (X Joost Code) Built within hundreds of legitimate applications. Computer

five malicious programs

This is the first recorded case of malicious programs to penetrate in large numbers after stringent review process conducted by Apple for their applications. Before this attack was found five malicious programs only in the Apple store applications by Palo Alto Networks Inc. security-mail. Computer

Apple said that the hackers hid malicious code in these applications by persuading developers project using contaminated and counterfeit copy of Apple's software for making application program) (f) Mac ( otherwise known as (X code). Computer

Said Christine Monajhan spokeswoman for Apple said in a statement, "erased the applications from the Apple store, which we know it is made by counterfeit software." Computer Computer

She added, "We are working with software developers to make sure they are using the appropriate version of the X code to rebuild their applications." Computer

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