Ideas for Growing Sales in Tough Times

BEST-TRUST: Ideas for Growing Sales in Tough Times

In a tough economy 80% of all profits are the results of internal decisions and 20% due to external circumstances. In a great economy the percentages are reversed. (Gerhard Gschwandtner)
What kind of Sales Year do you expect 2009 to be? I hope a GREAT one! But to make it a successful year you will require good plans, well executed and a dose of good fortune.
But even as you look forward to a great 2009, economists across the world are predicting a B.E.S.T Trust Globle recession. If the experiences of the last quarter of the year are anything to go by it would be wise to assume their predictions will be true. Even if you disagree with them there is already too much of doom prophecy in the air. This prophecy is likely to be self fulfilling.